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VMware Cloud Provider Program

VMware Cloud Provider Program allows organizations to extend their digital capabilities by augmenting their on-premises VMware environments with additional resources. Our VMware Cloud Provider Program is comprised of three parts: data centre replacement, data centre extension, and disaster recovery.

VCPP will shift IT budgets from heavy capital investments to manageable monthly bills. Moving existing applications to the cloud saves time, and you’ll maintain access controls as well as security and network policies to enhance the IT security integrity.

You will be able to scale workloads as needed, and across private and public cloud resources without over-committing your existing hardware. You will get a true hybrid cloud experience, getting the support that you can trust in combination with the speed and agility needed to support your business.

While eliminating redundant data centres, you’ll be able to take advantage of lower costs since VMware vCloud is simple, and complements other managed services.


Data Center Replacement

Focus & Alignment

Get out of the “data center business” and shift IT Budgets from heavy capital investments to predictable monthly bills.


Move existing applications to the cloud while avoiding time consuming cloud engineering and additional skill set acquisition.


Maintain access controls, security and network policies to enhance IT security integrity.

Data Center Extension


Scale workloads up and down as needed, across private and public cloud resources, without over-committing your existing hardware.

True Hybrid Cloud Experience

Unify IT by leveraging a common cloud platform, existing VMware tools and skill sets, and the superior tech support that you can trust.

Speed & Agility

Build and provision IT resources quickly to meet the needs of the business, with the flexibility to move workloads as needed at any time.

Disaster Recovery

Eliminate Redundant Data Centers

Reduce spending on cold or warm data centers that are underutilized except during outages.


Managed services for disaster recovery are expensive. Disaster Recovery with VMware vCloud suite is simple and can complement managed services while lowering costs.

Mirrored Architecture

vSphere-based failed over workloads require no changes to run in the cloud and maintain the network, security and access control policies configured on-premises even in a disaster.

ThinkOn has been one of our fastest growing VMware Cloud Providers and they play a large part in bringing users the benefits of VMwares Cloud functionality. With complimentary solutions like dedicated private clouds and disaster recovery recipes , it is clear that ThinkOn is a thought leader among VMware Solution Providers.

Jim Aluotto,VMware


VMware Experts

We are a Gold-certified VMware Service Provider and our team of Engineers and Support Technicians are experienced with a variety of different VMware use cases.

ThinkOn is Always On

Whether it is data replication across multiple data centres, our unique scale-out approach or our 99.99% availability, we pride ourselves on being there when you need us.

Simple Pricing

We make your bill simple: the number of end user devices being backed up plus storage. No additional costs or hidden fees.

Built for Enterprise

While we offer support and guidance when you need it, administrators retain control over their resources at all times. Implement the policies that work for you.