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Private Cloud

Build custom Virtual Data Centers with storage, compute, and software resources. Let our team of dedicated experts help you move your workloads to a secure and scalable cloud environment. Private clouds like VMware and Hyper-V can offer clients exclusivity, simplicity, and scalability. Dedicated to a single organization, you will have full control to administrate your environment and control critical applications from anywhere. With the enhanced security of a single-tenant environment, a private cloud will free you from the constraints of onsite hardware. With VMware and Hyper-V private cloud, you can quickly distribute workloads and move them between your on-premises and off-premises environments, as your needs change. A completely scalable option, you can rest assured that your cloud will be able to grow with you.


Private cloud provides similar advantages to public cloud, including scalability and self-service, delivered through VMware and Hyper-V platforms. Unlike public clouds, a private cloud is dedicated to a single organization and can be tailored for your unique business requirements.


Full Control

Administrate your environment with a “single pane of glass” management framework and control critical applications from anywhere.

Single-Tenant Security

Get the enhanced security of a single-tenant environment with physically isolated network, compute, and storage layers.

Flexible Guest OS Management

Enable or disable guest OS support on your virtual machines based on your business needs. Guest OS support includes monitoring, backup, patching, troubleshooting, and antivirus.


Cost Containment

A private cloud removes all the variable cost surprises found in a public cloud. Realize your cloud costs to fit your budget.


Private clouds lend themselves to automation, allowing you to respond to issues before service quality is impacted.

Eliminate Hardware Complexities

A private cloud frees you from the constraints of onsite hardware and allows you to concentrate on more meaningful tasks.


100% Guarantee Resources

A single-tenant environment means that the hardware is dedicated entirely for your business needs.


Quickly deploy workloads to the cloud with the flexibility to move them between your on-premises and off-premises environments as your requirements change.

Grows With You

Start with a cloud that’s the right size for you, safe in the knowledge that your private cloud can grow as you do.

ThinkOn has been one of our fastest growing VMware Cloud Providers and they play a large part in bringing users the benefits of VMwares Cloud functionality. With complimentary solutions like dedicated private clouds and disaster recovery recipes , it is clear that ThinkOn is a thought leader among VMware Solution Providers.

Jim Aluotto,VMware


Excellent Performance

ThinkOn services are designed to allow resources to be instantly allocated to workloads and redeployed or put in stand-by to ensure cost optimization.

ThinkOn is Always On

Whether it is data replication across multiple data centres, our unique scale-out approach or our 99.99% availability, we pride ourselves on being there when you need us.

Simple Pricing

We make bills simple: dedicated hardware, software licenses and any additional virtual resources. No hidden or transactional costs.

Partner Focused

We work with our dedicated network of partners to ensure our subscribers get the best infrastructure with a business they know and trust.