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Hybrid Infrastructure Solutions

Infrastructure solutions are shaping the way modern businesses run. It has become essential to invest in the best service provider of infrastructure solutions to beat the rate at which data grows, while ensuring the safety of information. Thus, a well planned and robust infrastructure solution which presents cloud-based services using user-friendly technology is vital.

At ThinkOn, we provide a number of infrastructure solutions, including:

Dedicated Compute

ThinkOn’s Dedicated Compute gives organizations looking for maximum compliance and control access to bare-metal resources hosted in a ThinkOn Data Center.Learn More

Private Cloud

Build custom Virtual Data Centers with storage, compute, and software resources. Let our team of dedicated experts help you move your workloads to a secure and scalable cloud environment.Learn More

VMware Cloud Provider Program

VMware Cloud Provider Program allows organizations to extend their digital capabilities by augmenting their on-premises VMware environments with additional resources.Learn More

Why Do Something?

The rate at which data grows today is exponential, unprecedented and constantly accelerating. Maintaining control over sprawling information in a hybrid, multi-cloud world is key to success for businesses wishing to leverage their information assets.

Why Now?

The cost of storage has reached a point where it is more cost-efficient to retain data than destroying it. In an emerging age of data analytics, how you choose to archive your data today will become a source of value tomorrow.

Why Us?

ThinkOn are Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) experts and we work with an extensive group of technology partners to deliver solutions that are flexible, robust, scalable and highly available. We believe that the best cloud you can buy is one you already own.


Reduce Risk

Now more than ever, unplanned downtime and/or data loss is an unacceptable risk. Our BaaS, DRaaS and Data Archiving services, provide right-sized, risk mitigation options that leverage your existing investments.


Our service delivery infrastructure delivers on demand compute, storage and network resources that extend and accelerate the pace at which your business can deliver IT solutions.


Our no-suprises pricing guarantee delivers not only the benefit of cloud economics and flexibility, but also no unexpected fees associated with month-to-month price variability. Leverage the cloud and stay under budget.


Our team has extensive industry leading experience and a proven track record of building scalable enterprise cloud solutions. We are SOC II, PCI, and ISO certified: our team of experts can guide you to a solution that works for your business