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Endpoint protection is a solution that offers protection, security, easy access and search capabilities for end-user devices. Using endpoint protection, you can protect your data against data breaches and also increase the productivity through end-user self-service capabilities.

Device & Data Protection

Simple Installation

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Automated Backup

Once installed, the Endpoint client automatically begins encrypting and backing up your data according to a policy that you configure. Set it and forget it!

Centralized Control

If your laptop is missing, lock it down, track its last known location and even wipe it remotely.

Anywhere Access

Secure Web Access

Search and access your data from anywhere with our secure web portal.

Mobile Clients

Share frequently used files in a common folder accessible from your laptop or smartphone.

File Sharing

Send large files using password-protected links to anyone. You can even set expiry dates to stay current.

Advanced Analytics

Backup Reporting

As an administrator you can view real-time status updates across the organization’s devices.

File Analytics

Understand the data habits of your users by sorting backups by file extension, size or other qualities.


Commvault’s optional eDiscovery feature makes it easy to identify crucial pieces of data needed for auditing across all devices.

We’re happy to continue our partnership with ThinkOn, who has clearly shown its knowledge and leadership in cloud data protection solutions that are compatible with Commvault into the vital Canadian market.

Todd Sommers,Area Vice President, Cloud Solutions Group, Commvault


Commvault Certified

We are a certified Commvault partner and the only Canadian-based cloud provider of CommVault Endpoint Protection and Commvault certified Object Storage.

ThinkOn is Always On

Whether it is data replication across multiple data centres, our unique scale-out approach or our 99.99% availability, we pride ourselves on being there when you need us.

Simple Pricing

We make your bill simple: the number of end user devices being backed up plus storage. No additional costs or hidden fees.

Built for Enterprise

Administrators can control backup and restore procedures for organizations of any size from one central location.


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Solution Recipe

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Feature Overview Video

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