AppGuard Solo

As your teams work from home, ensure that your infrastructure is immune with AppGuard Solo's free licenses for the next 90 days.

Power your remote workforce with a preventive solution for endpoint security

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Block all forms of malware attacks:

Prevention Without Detection

Continuous OS Policy Enforcement

Lightweight and Easy to Install

Traditional security solutions lack the ability to mitigate risks to employees working from home 

Costly and need persistent internet access, monitoring and triage to offer protection

Only capable of protecting employees outside the traditional perimeter-based security controls

Remote VPNs bypass most security controls leaving organization's exposed

Why Choose AppGuard?

Guarding millions of endpoints that have NEVER BEEN BREACHED by providing far superior protection than most anti-virus systems

Proven Success

Award Winning Patent

Uses patented technology based Zero-Trust Framework to block and restrain one app from reading or writing to the memory of another

Real-time Protection

Blocks all malware attacks at the kernel level without signature requirements and reliance on policy updates, patching or internet

Real-Time Protection

Requires less than 1 MB on hard drive and less than 10 MB of memory assuring no reduction in memory performance

No Performance Impact

Easy Deployment

Simple and quick to deploy with 90% of the security policies already in place to protect your device

Real-time Protection

Besides protecting  popular apps and Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) platforms, it can be tailored to operate with specific apps

Supports Customization

As millions of people continue to work from home, more and more companies face the risk of data compromise from modern social engineering and cyber-attacks taking advantage of the loop-holes present in the current network and security controls. During these times of uncertainty, AppGuard Solo is the best solution to mitigate security risks to enterprise infrastructure.

“AppGuard has proven to be an indispensable protection measure for our customer’s ATM fleets. We feel confident in AppGuard’s ability to protect our customer’s ATMs from harmful malware like SUCEFUL, before it has even hit the U.S. market.”

Jon Erpelding

President, NuSource Financial

Mitigate Any High-Risk To Your Windows Desktop With Zero Trust Endpoint Protection

Leverage ThinkOn's AppGuard Solo offering, the only security product in the market today with an undefeated record. Stop any high attacks on your Windows Desktop today!

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