Introducing Veeam Office 365 Backup

Veeam Office 365 Backup and Recovery

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What you get with the new and improved Veeam Office 365 Backup Services by ThinkOn:
-       Choose between unlimited and storage models
-       Store Office 365 backups locally and in the cloud
-       Install and configure in minutes


What Makes Our Veeam Office 365 Backup Offering Different?

Not only is ThinkOn a top Veeam Platinum Partner in North America, we also strive to elevate the data protection experience above and beyond the expected.

Faster Backups with Better Performance

Newest update offers the best SharePoint and OneDrive performance on the market

Ironclad  security

Support for multi-factor authentication and SOC II Type II/ISO 27001 certifications

An All-New ThinkOn Nav Portal

Easy to use web portal with deep recovery, reporting,  analytics, and logging features

And much more!
Everything You Need

Why Backup Office 365 Data?

Office 365 provides application availability and uptime to ensure your users never skip a beat, but an Office 365 backup can protect you against many other security vulnerabilities:

Accidental Deletion

A major limitation of native recycle bins and version histories included in Office 365 platform is that hard-deleted data is impossible to recover. Office 365 backups help overcome this limitation by providing an ultimate solution to data loss at any time.

Retention Policy Gaps and Confusion

Office 365 has limited backup and retention policies that can only fend off situational data loss and is not intended to be an all encompassing backup solution. Another type of recovery, a point-in-time restoration of mailbox items, is not in scope with Microsoft.

Internal Security Threats

Organizations fall victim to threats posed by their very own employees, both intentionally and unintentionally. Access to files and contacts changes so quickly, it can be hard to keep an eye on those in which you’ve installed the most trust.

External Security Threats

Exchange Online’s limited backup/recovery functions are inadequate to handle serious attacks sneaking through emails and attachments. Not only is company reputation at risk, but the privacy and security of internal and customer data as well.

Legal and Compliance Requirements

Microsoft has built-in a couple safety nets, (Litigation Hold) but these are not a robust backup solution capable of keeping your company out of legal trouble. And fines, penalties and legal disputes are three things you don’t have room for on your to-do list.

Managing Hybrid Email Deployments and Migrations to Office 365

Hybrid email deployments are a part of the transition window between on-premises Exchange and Office 365 Exchange online. But, yet, these pose additional control and management challenges.

Backup Office 365 For Business With ThinkOn and Veeam

With ThinkOn, you can granularly search, easily scale and quickly perform management of backup jobs across tens of thousands of Office 365 users!

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